En Vokalist & En Cellist

Anna K. Larson and Sanna Andersson are "En Vokalist & En Cellist", lifelong friends from a little village in southern Sweden bringing a diverse repertoire of Swedish folk songs, jazz and contemporary classical music to audiences around the world. The rich sound of the Andersson's cello along with the Larson's enchanting voice will move you to tears and laughter.


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Stories for Voice and Cello

During 2013 the duo traveled throughout Europe with their program "Stories for Voice and Cello". They have collaborated with international artist and musicians and shared stories voiced through words and music. Now they wish to thank all artists and sponsors for making this European tour come true. Click here to find more information about the concerts during the tour.

Kontakt: Sanna Andersson. E-post: info[@]sannacello.se Telefon: +46736498669