Sanna Andersson from Frändefors, Sweden is a freelance cellist. She is a highly requested chamber musician, soloist, teacher and arranger working across Scandinavia. In December 2012 she received her Masters degree from the Conservatory of Music in Tromsø, Norway where she regularly performs at the Midnight Concerts at the Arctic Cathedral. Her passion for music composed for cello and voice, has lead to many projects were she has explored and challenged the idea of traditional cello playing. Alongside with En Vokalist & En Cellist she is also a member of the Namahis-duo together with Johan Máhtte Skum that is specialized on old native yoik and folk music of northen Norway.




Sanna Andersson


Kontakt: Sanna Andersson. E-post: info[@]sannacello.se Telefon: +46736498669